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AutomotiveOEM™, Inc. maintains a detailed automotive supplier directory covering the North American original equipment supply chain. This valuable industry resource is updated on a year-round basis and currently tracks 6,443 automotive original equipment supplier locations in North America and 15,761 individual key points of contact (POCs) who are employed at these suppliers. This information is published in both an online database and an offline spreadsheet format.

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AutomotiveOEM™ POWERbase (Online Database)

The POWERbase is an online database featuring powerful built-in querying options which enable users to easily filter, sort and display valuable supplier and key employee contact information. Users may create, save, store, retrieve and modify custom filters. Supplier locations may be filtered by a wide range of criteria including supplier name, parent/affiliate, address, city, state/province, country, postal code, area code, keyword, minority/disadvantaged business status, tier level and as well as 200+ Database Product/Service Categories. In addition, SILVER and GOLD Level Subscribers have access to all individual key points of contact (POCs) which can be conveniently filtered by Managerial Level and Job Function.

Suppliers-Executives-Downloadable GOLD Level

Subscription Rates: Month-by-Month*: $299 | Annual: $2,995

Perfect for powering targeted email, direct mail, telephone and fax marketing campaigns for your organization. GOLD Level Subscriptions allow Users to easily assemble concise lists of relevant and actionable key individual employee points of contact (POCs) in a handy and up-to-date electronic file format, which Subscribers may download for use at their convenience. Features include:

  • Complete Supplier Profiles
  • Key individual employee points of contact (POCs)
  • Top Executives & Key Employees List - Raw Data File Downloadable contact information in Microsoft® Excel®
  • Electronic Business Cards Downloadable employee vCards** (Electronic Businss Cards)
  • Custom Data Sets

Suppliers-Executives SILVER Level

Subscription Rates: Month-by-Month*: $199 | Annual: $1,995

Designed for use by upper-level executives and manufacturing, engineering, research & development and other industry professionals who prefer to interact on a personal level with a wide variety of peers throughout the automotive industry. Discover or influence trends, collaborate on new technological breakthroughs and identify potential business opportunities. Features include:

  • Complete Supplier Profiles
  • Key individual employee points of contact (POCs)

Suppliers BRONZE Level

Subscription Rates: Month-by-Month*: $99 | Annual: $995

An excellent source of detailed Supplier company information is available to executives, advanced purchasing teams, corporate researchers, industry analysts and others whose job responsibilities require staying abreast of new markets, new technologies, new or existing competitors or identification of new vendors or potential industry partners. Features include:

  • Complete Supplier Profiles

*The Month-by-Month pricing plan requires a minimum 6 month subscription commitment.
**Import key employee contact data directly into Microsoft® Outlook® and other vCard-enabled applications.
Access subject to network availability as well as occasional and brief system maintenance.

AutomotiveOEM™ e-SHEET™(Offline Excel® File)

The e-SHEET™ is an offline spreadheet drawn from the same database that powers the online AutomotiveOEM™ suppliers directory. The information provided consists of all individual employee key points of contact (POCs) together with each employee's company information, address, description, and applicable Main Product/Service Categories plus contact information such as direct telephone, extension, fax, email address and/or mailing address. The e-SHEET™ is designed to allow the contact data to be exported into most contact management software programs as well as for use as a source file for powering marketing campaigns (Note: Use of this product requires a working knowledge of Microsoft® Excel®.

Top Executives & Key Employees List - Raw Data File e-SHEET™ - Annual Subscription: $1,995

  • Popular Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet format.
  • Quick same-day delivery via email as a compressed file (with receipt of paid order).
  • Free updates for 12 months!
  • Click here  to download a sample e-SHEET™ file.
  • Custom Data Sets

Please contact AutomotiveOEM™, Inc. if you wish to include certain sub-categories in your e-SHEET™ order (no extra charge)! See a list of all the available Directory Product/Service sub-categories here.

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