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License Terms of Sale & Use

POWERbase™ and e-SHEET™ subscriptions may only be used for the express purpose of facilitating business-to-business communications for the benefit of the Purchaser's own organization that are solely within and entirely related to the automotive original equipment industry. The information may not be used to convey any private non-commercial messages or material not specifically automotive business related or that is unlawful, offensive, or violates the rights of others. The purchaser agrees not to make, copy, display, modify, translate, rent, lease, license, loan, use for hire and/or use on behalf of (or in conjunction with) others, sell, distribute, or create any derivative works (see derivative works exception below), in whole or in part, except with the express written permission of AutomotiveOEM™, Inc.

The purchaser agrees to limit the number of its internal users (User-Licenses/Seats) to the total number of Seats purchased. Each User may incorporate the data derived from the POWERbase™ or the e-SHEET™ into their own personal contact management system or software program installed on their own work computer, provided that the use of the data remains limited to that User (and other User-Licensees, if multiple Seats are purchased). Derivative works allowed are those limited to the User-Licensee´s own personal business use (or the business use of other User-Licensees´ if multiple Seats are purchased). Supplier contact data derived from the POWERbase™ or e-SHEET™ may be provided to advertising agencies and/or list management service providers operating on a User-Licensee´s behalf, provided that the agency or service provider has a verifiable written policy protecting the information from unintended use or unauthorized disclosure.

No advertising: Any reference to AutomotiveOEM™, Inc.’s AutomotiveOEM registered trademark and other trademarks by the Purchaser for marketing purposes via phone, email, fax, direct mail and/or display advertising is strictly prohibited

AutomotiveOEM™, Inc. reserves the right to decline orders from individuals; as well as organizations not primarily engaged in automotive original equipment industry-related activities; or anyone else at its sole discretion. AutomotiveOEM™, Inc. incorporates proprietary security measures into its electronic and online database products for the purpose of monitoring compliance with these terms of use. The Purchaser expressly agrees that this License Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan and the United States. Exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any proceedings arising pursuant to this License Agreement shall be Kent County, Michigan. AutomotiveOEM™, e-SHEET™ and  POWERbase™ are trademarks of AutomotiveOEM™, Inc.