Automotive Test Systems

Weiss Technik North America, Inc. in Grand Rapids, Michigan

100% Match: automotive test systems

Horiba Instruments, Inc. in Ann Arbor, Michigan

100% Match: vehicle test systems

HORIBA Automotive Test Systems Inc. in Burlington, Ontario

100% Match: vehicle test systems

HORIBA Automotive Test Systems Corporation in Troy, Michigan

100% Match: vehicle test systems

SEA Limited in Columbus, Ohio

100% Match: automotive test equipment

Freese Enterprises Inc. in Plymouth, Michigan

100% Match: automotive test equipment

Dewesoft, LLC in Whitehouse, Ohio

66% Match: vehicle dyanamics testing systems

Anritsu Company in Richardson, Texas

66% Match: in-vehicle test systems

BIA North America in Troy, Michigan

66% Match: vehicle dynamics test systems

Sensors, Inc. in Saline, Michigan

66% Match: vehicle emission test systems

Froude, Inc. in Novi, Michigan

66% Match: vehicle dynamometer testing systems

Sinfonia Technology (America), Inc. in Fremont, California

66% Match: EV testing equipment

KUKA Assembly and Test Corporation in Saginaw, Michigan

66% Match: automotive component test systems

Maccor, Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma

66% Match: EV/HEV test equipment

Autonomous Solutions, Inc. in Mendon, Utah

66% Match: robotic vehicle durability & misuse testing systems

Sakor Technologies, Inc. in Owosso, Michigan

66% Match: hybrid vehicle driveline test systems

NH Research, Inc. in Irvine, California

66% Match: EV/HEV battery test equipment

Element Materials Technology in Warren, Michigan

64% Match: vehicle testing

Boshart Automotive Testing, Inc. in Ontario, California

64% Match: vehicle testing

Honeywell, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio

64% Match: vehicle testing

Link Engineering Company in Dearborn, Michigan

64% Match: vehicle testing

Link Testing Laboratories, Inc. in Detroit, Michigan

64% Match: vehicle testing

Ricardo, Inc. in Van Buren Township, Michigan

64% Match: vehicle testing

TÜV America, Inc. in Auburn Hills, Michigan

64% Match: vehicular testing

The American Center for Mobility in Ypsilanti, Michigan

64% Match: autonomous vehicle testing

Emprise Corporation in Kennesaw, Georgia

64% Match: automotive test stands

Intertek in Kentwood, Michigan

64% Match: vehicle exhaust testing

Eckel Industries, Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts

64% Match: vehicle testing chambers

PMG Technologies, Inc. in Blainville, Québec

64% Match: vehicle research testing

Sierra Instruments, Inc. in Monterey, California

64% Match: automotive test automation

HITEC Sensor Solutions in Chelmsford, Massachusetts

64% Match: vehicle test sensors

PCB Load & Torque, Inc. in Farmington Hills, Michigan

64% Match: automotive brake testing

Dynamic Research, Inc. in Torrance, California

64% Match: vehicle dynamics testing

Link Commercial Vehicle Testing, Inc. in East Liberty, Ohio

64% Match: heavy vehicle brake testing

IPETRONIK, Inc. in Southfield, Michigan

64% Match: hybrid vehicle endurance testing

Capacitec, Inc. in Ayer, Massachusetts

64% Match: automotive powertrain testing

Schap Specialty Machine, Inc. in Spring Lake, Michigan

64% Match: automotive bed liner testers

Adaptive Power Systems, Inc. in Irvine, California

64% Match: EV drivetrain testing

Environmental Tectonics Corporation in Southampton, Pennsylvania

64% Match: drive-in vehicle test chambers

Quantum Signal, LLC in Saline, Michigan

64% Match: autonomous vehicle testing simulation software

Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc. in Foothill Ranch, California

64% Match: electric vehicle power conversion testing

Meiden America, Inc. in Northville Township, Michigan

64% Match: EV motor testing dynamometers

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