Aluminum Dashboard Beams

ALMAG Aluminum, Inc. in Brampton, Ontario

100% Match: aluminum dashboard beams

AarKel Tool and Die, Inc. in Wallaceburg, Ontario

64% Match: cross car IP beam dies

INDUS Concepts & Engineering, LLC in Troy, Michigan

64% Match: instrument panel cross-car beam engineering

Shiloh Industries, Inc. in Valley City, Ohio

64% Match: instrument panel beams

Nucor Tubular Products in Madison, Indiana

64% Match: instrument panel cross car beams

Canada Tubeform, Inc. in London, Ontario

64% Match: instrument panel beam components

Clinton Aluminum, Inc. in New Franklin, Ohio

63% Match: aluminum I-beam

ThyssenKrupp Materials North America, Inc. in Southfield, Michigan

63% Match: aluminum I beam

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