Airbag Inflator Diffuser Housings

PWO Canada, Inc. in Kitchener, Ontario

100% Match: airbag inflator diffuser housings

ACS Industries, Inc. in Lincoln, Rhode Island

76% Match: airbag inflator diffusers

ARC Automotive, Inc. in Knoxville, Tennessee

56% Match: airbag inflators

TRW Automotive U.S., LLC in Mesa, Arizona

56% Match: airbag inflators

Joyson Safety Systems, Inc. in Auburn Hills, Michigan

56% Match: airbag inflators

voestalpine Rotec Summo Corporation in Burlington, Ontario

56% Match: airbag inflators

Daicel Safety Systems America, LLC in Beaver Dam, Kentucky

56% Match: airbag inflators

Autoliv, Inc. in Ogden, Utah

56% Match: airbag inflators

Daicel Safety Technologies of America in Beaver Dam, Kentucky

56% Match: airbag inflator gas

MacLean Fogg Company in Mundelein, Illinois

56% Match: air bag inflator components

Metal Impact, LLC in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

56% Match: airbag inflator parts

TLX Technologies, LLC in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

56% Match: air bag inflation control valves

ESI Group North America in Farmington Hills, Michigan

56% Match: airbag inflation simulation software

Voestalpine Automotive Body Parts, Inc. in White, Georgia

55% Match: airbag housings

ALMAG Aluminum, Inc. in Brampton, Ontario

55% Match: airbag housings

Global Rollforming Systems, LLC in Roseville, Michigan

55% Match: air bag housings

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