Airbag Components

Joyson Safety Systems, Inc. in Auburn Hills, Michigan

100% Match: airbag components

ITW Engineered Fasteners & Components, Inc. in Westminster, Massachusetts

100% Match: air bag components

voestalpine Rotec Summo Corporation in Burlington, Ontario

86% Match: safety restraint air bag components

Metal Impact, LLC in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

86% Match: airbag inflator parts

InserTech International, Inc. in Cary, Illinois

86% Match: air bag sensor components

LANXESS Corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

62% Match: airbag gas generator chemicals

Syn-Tech, Ltd. in Addison, Illinois

62% Match: airbag rotary connector lubricants

TG Mississippi Corporation in Batesville, Mississippi

62% Match: airbags

MOBIS North America, LLC in Plymouth, Michigan

62% Match: airbags

Autoliv, Inc. in Auburn Hills, Michigan

62% Match: airbags

Irvin Automotive Products, Inc. in Pontiac, Michigan

62% Match: airbags

Neaton Rome, Inc. in Rome, Georgia

62% Match: airbags

Veoneer Canada, Inc. in Markham, Ontario

62% Match: airbags

TG Missouri Corporation in Perryville, Missouri

62% Match: airbags

Autoliv, Inc. in Ogden, Utah

62% Match: airbags

Global Safety Textiles, LLC in South Hill, Virginia

62% Match: airbags

Nolar Industries Limited in Concord, Ontario

62% Match: airbag drape fabric

MOTUS Integrated Technologies in Holland, Michigan

62% Match: air bag door covers

IEE Sensing, Inc. in Auburn Hills, Michigan

62% Match: airbag deployment sensors

Daicel Safety Technologies of America in Beaver Dam, Kentucky

62% Match: airbag inflator gas

ACS Industries, Inc. in Lincoln, Rhode Island

62% Match: airbag inflator diffusers

TT Electronics in Corpus Christi, Texas

62% Match: airbag system resistors

Neaton Auto Products Manufacturing, Inc. in Eaton, Ohio

62% Match: airbag module assemblies

Circuit Check, Inc. in Maple Grove, Minnesota

62% Match: air bag test systems

Adchem Corporation in Riverhead, New York

62% Match: air bag strap tapes

PTM Electronics, Inc. in Farmington Hills, Michigan

62% Match: airbag sensor testing

Analog Devices, Inc. in Norwood, Massachusetts

62% Match: airbag crash sensing

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Inc. in Mason, Ohio

62% Match: air bag control systems

Advanced Labelworx, Inc. in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

62% Match: airbag sensor labels

PEP Brainin in Attleboro, Massachusetts

62% Match: airbag burst disks

ESI Group North America in Farmington Hills, Michigan

62% Match: airbag design software

Sonoco Products Company in Hartsville, South Carolina

62% Match: airbag deployment doors

ARC Automotive, Inc. in Knoxville, Tennessee

62% Match: airbag inflators

Ascend Performance Materials LLC in Houston, Texas

62% Match: airbag fibers

Voestalpine Automotive Body Parts, Inc. in White, Georgia

62% Match: airbag housings

GM Nameplate in Seattle, Washington

62% Match: airbag emblems

TR Fastenings, Inc. in Houston, Texas

62% Match: airbag nuts

Sanko Gosei Technologies USA, Inc. in Fort Wayne, Indiana

62% Match: airbag doors

Dexter Stamping Company, LLC in Jackson, Michigan

62% Match: airbag reinforcements

Special Devices, Inc. in Simi Valley, California

62% Match: air bag initiators

Elan Technology, Inc. in Midway, Georgia

62% Match: airbag initiators

Intertek in Kentwood, Michigan

62% Match: airbag testing

TRW Automotive U.S., LLC in Mesa, Arizona

62% Match: airbag inflators

Altran Passive Safety Center in Wixom, Michigan

62% Match: airbag testing

Dynic USA Corporation in Hillsboro, Oregon

62% Match: airbag labels

Micro Pneumatic Logic, Inc. in Pompano Beach, Florida

62% Match: airbag sensors

O&S California, Inc. in San Diego, California

62% Match: air bag harnesses

Kautex Textron in Troy, Michigan

62% Match: airbag doors

Toyoda Gosei North America Corporation in Troy, Michigan

62% Match: airbag dampers

Daicel Safety Systems America, LLC in Beaver Dam, Kentucky

62% Match: airbag inflators

EURENCO Bofors, Inc. in Ashburn, Virginia

62% Match: airbag propellants

INOAC Group North America, LLC in Springfield, Kentucky

62% Match: airbag covers

Bradford Industries, Inc. in Lowell, Massachusetts

62% Match: airbag fabrics

MSB Plastics Manufacturing, Ltd. in Etobicoke, Ontario

62% Match: air bag doors

Toyota Boshoku America, Inc. in Erlanger, Kentucky

62% Match: airbag fabric

L-3 Cincinnati Electronics in Mason, Ohio

62% Match: air bag design

PWO Canada, Inc. in Kitchener, Ontario

62% Match: airbag accumulators

Global Rollforming Systems, LLC in Roseville, Michigan

62% Match: air bag housings

Century Mold Company, Inc. in Rochester, New York

53% Match: HVAC components

Techniplas, LLC in Jonesville, Michigan

53% Match: HVAC components

Winzeler Stamping Company in Montpelier, Ohio

53% Match: HVAC components

TRW Sistemas de Direcciones, S. de R.L. de C.V. in Reynosa, Tamaulipas

53% Match: HVAC components

TASUS Corporation in Bloomington, Indiana

53% Match: clean air management components

Systex Products Arkansas Company in Osceola, Arkansas

53% Match: plastic air conditioner components

Techniplas, LLC in Mishawaka, Indiana

53% Match: air-ride suspension components

Arkal Plastic North America in London, Ontario

53% Match: air inlet components

Anderton Castings, LLC in Troy, Texas

53% Match: air conditioning components

erae Automotive Systems Company, Ltd. in Farmington Hills, Michigan

53% Match: air conditioning components

Franklin Precision Industries, Inc. in Franklin, Kentucky

53% Match: air induction components

ATCO Products, Inc. in Ferris, Texas

53% Match: air conditioning components

JD Norman Industries, Inc. in Leslie, Michigan

53% Match: air-conditioning components

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