Air Flow Sensors

Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc. in Harrodsburg, Kentucky

100% Match: air flow sensors

InserTech International, Inc. in Cary, Illinois

89% Match: mass air flow sensor components

Lumberg, Inc. in North Chesterfield, Virginia

89% Match: mass airflow sensors

Flow Systems, Inc. in Berthoud, Colorado

89% Match: mass air flow sensors

BorgWarner Automotive, Inc. in Auburn Hills, Michigan

89% Match: mass airflow sensors

Standard Motor Products, Inc. in Long Island City, New York

89% Match: mass air flow sensors

Keyence Corporation of America in Itasca, Illinois

61% Match: flow sensors

Sensirion Automotive Solutins, Inc. in Eaton Rapids, Michigan

61% Match: flow sensors

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Inc. in Mason, Ohio

61% Match: flow sensors

Sierra Instruments, Inc. in Monterey, California

61% Match: gas flow sensors

The Grieve Corporation in Round Lake, Illinois

61% Match: horizontal air flow cabinet ovens

Hamaden Mexico S.A. de C.V. in Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon

61% Match: airflow control unit solenoids

PCE Americas, Inc. in Jupiter, Florida

61% Match: airflow test instruments

Flow Technology, Inc. in Tempe, Arizona

61% Match: air intake flow meters

Q Corporation in Camarillo, California

61% Match: airflow meters

J-TEC Associates, Inc. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

61% Match: air flow meters

DENSO Manufacturing Athens Tennessee, Inc. in Athens, Tennessee

61% Match: air flow meters

Röchling Automotive USA, LLP in Troy, Michigan

61% Match: vehicle airflow

BorgWarner Automotive, Inc. in Fletcher, North Carolina

56% Match: mechanically controlled air sensing fans

IEE Sensing, Inc. in Auburn Hills, Michigan

56% Match: airbag deployment sensors

CEBI USA, Inc. in Novi, Michigan

56% Match: inlet air temperature sensors

TT Electronics in Carrollton, Texas

56% Match: air conditioning compressor sensors

Continental Corporation in Auburn Hills, Michigan

56% Match: airbag pressure sensors

PTM Electronics, Inc. in Farmington Hills, Michigan

56% Match: airbag sensor testing

Analog Devices, Inc. in Norwood, Massachusetts

56% Match: airbag crash sensing

Advanced Labelworx, Inc. in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

56% Match: airbag sensor labels

Micro Pneumatic Logic, Inc. in Pompano Beach, Florida

56% Match: airbag sensors

Melecs USA Corporation in Auburn Hills, Michigan

56% Match: airbag sensors

Sensata Technologies, Inc. in Attleboro, Massachusetts

56% Match: air conditioning sensors

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