3D Inspection

Jesse Garant & Associates Metrology Center in Windsor, Ontario

100% Match: 3D inspection

Isra Vision Systems, Inc. in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

97% Match: 3-dimensional robotic surface inspection

ShapeGrabber® Incorporated in Ottawa, Ontario

97% Match: 3D quality inspection

Applied Precision, Inc. in Mississauga, Ontario

97% Match: 3D surface inspection

Automotive Containment and Consulting, Inc. in Kendallville, Indiana

65% Match: third-party inspection

Applied Technical Services, Inc. in Marietta, Georgia

65% Match: dimensional inspecting

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. in Bohemia, New York

65% Match: dimensional inspection

Precise Dimensional Inspection, LLC in Temperance, Michigan

65% Match: dimensional layout inspection services

Dimensional Layout Services, Inc. in Marine City, Michigan

65% Match: dimensional inspection services

Alliance Automation, LLC in Flint, Michigan

64% Match: 3D robotic cutting equipment

Michigan Metrology, LLC in Livonia, Michigan

64% Match: 3D surface texture analysis

Optical Gaging Products, Inc. in Rochester, New York

64% Match: 3D GD&T fitting software

Lunewave, Inc. in Tuscan, Arizona

64% Match: 3D-printed radar antennas

OpenText GXS in Gaithersburg, Maryland

64% Match: 3D modelization and visualization

Michigan Custom Machines Inc. in Novi, Michigan

64% Match: 3D parametric design machines

Trilion Quality Systems in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

64% Match: 3D image correlation systems

ThermoAnalytics, Inc. in Calumet, Michigan

64% Match: 3D thermal simulation software

Sanyo Machine America Corporation in Rochester Hills, Michigan

64% Match: 3D test instruments

Fabrisonic, LLC in Columbus, Ohio

64% Match: 3D metal printing

Keyence Corporation of America in Itasca, Illinois

64% Match: 3D measurement systems

MINILEIT, Inc. in Greenville, South Carolina

64% Match: thermal 3D insulation

Alutrim in Dayton, Ohio

64% Match: 3D aluminum finishes

Ouster, Inc. in San Francisco, California

64% Match: 3D LiDAR sensors

YAPP USA Automotive Systems, Inc. in Romulus, Michigan

64% Match: 3D site design

Laserax™, Inc. in Québec, Québec

64% Match: 3D fiber lasers

Automotive Robotics, Inc. in East Peoria, Illinois

64% Match: 3D factory engineering

ANSYS SpaceClaim Corporation in Concord, Massachusetts

64% Match: 3D design software

Primetime Testing Laboratory, Inc. in Macomb, Michigan

64% Match: 3D optical measuring

DELRAY Systems Corporation in Rochester, Michigan

64% Match: 3D printers

3D Systems, Inc. in Rock Hill, South Carolina

64% Match: 3D printing

Fabrico in Kennesaw, Georgia

64% Match: three-dimensional cutting

Cepton Technologies, Inc. in San Jose, California

64% Match: 3D LiDAR

Markforged, Inc. in Watertown, Massachusetts

64% Match: 3D printing

EnvisionTEC, Inc. in Dearborn, Michigan

64% Match: 3D Printers

Burton Precision, Inc. in Comstock Park, Michigan

64% Match: 3D printers

Cam Logic, Inc. in Oxford, Michigan

64% Match: 3D printers

The ExOne Company in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

64% Match: 3D printing

Formlabs, Inc. in Somerville, Massachusetts

64% Match: 3D printers

Harman International Industries, Inc. in Stamford, Connecticut

64% Match: 3D navigation

Chelexa Design & Engineering, L.L.C. in Canton, Michigan

64% Match: 3D modeling

AXIS Prototypes, Inc. in Saint-Léonard, Québec

64% Match: 3D scanning

Proto Labs, Inc. in Maple Plain, Minnesota

64% Match: 3D printing

A.V. Gauge & Fixture, Inc. in Oldcastle, Ontario

64% Match: 3D printing

Atlas Tool, Inc. in Roseville, Michigan

64% Match: 3D scanning

Rapid Prototype Company, Inc. in Auburn Hills, Michigan

64% Match: 3D printing

Methods Machine Tools, Inc. in Sudbury, Massachusetts

64% Match: 3D printers

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