North American Original Equipment Supplier Directory

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the difference between the AutomotiveOEM™ POWERbase (online subscription) and the AutomotiveOEM™ e-SHEET™ (spreadsheet)? (Back to top)

A. The AutomotiveOEM™ POWERbase subscription license is for Clients who are power-users and their job responsibilities require Real-Time/24 Hour access to the very latest automotive supplier contact data that is found in AutomotiveOEM™, Inc.'s proprietary AutomotiveOEM™ database. Companies may be sorted by 17 major product/service categories and 200 plus sub-categories. Individual key points of contact may be filtered by nineteen (19) job functions consisting of two (2) managerial levels and seventeen (17) separate work disciplines. Other search and sorting options are included for a wide-variety of data fields such as company name, location, keyword, etc.

The AutomotiveOEM™ e-SHEET  is a licensed electronic spreadsheet version of the same automotive supplier individual contact information compiled in AutomotiveOEM™, Inc.'s database. The data is exportable to most contact management software programs. Individual supplier points of contact (POCs) are classified by Managerial Level and Job Function work disciplines.

Q. How often is the automotive supplier data updated? Where is the data compiled from? (Back to top)

A. The supplier and individual contact data is updated continuously using a wide variety of primary sources i.e. self-reported by the supplier themselves or from supplier press releases, company brochures, business cards, etc. and supplemented with periodic verification.

Q. How is the AutomotiveOEM™ different from other supplier directories? (Back to top)

A. There are several major differences:

First, as the name implies, the AutomotiveOEM™ focuses not only on automotive supplier companies and locations, but also (and most importantly) on the very individual employee contacts* whom you will most likely be interested in interacting with such as executives, managers, buyers, and engineers, etc. Whenever possible, full individual contact details are provided including the person's actual title, telephone, fax and email address, as well as mailing address, if different. *These individual points of contact (POCs) are not available in the POWER base BRONZE Level.

Second, the AutomotiveOEM™ is unique in that it is updated year-round from a variety of sources, including designated contacts within the suppliers themselves. Therefore, Customers always receive the very latest and most up-to-date data contained in AutomotiveOEM™, Inc.'s powerful automotive supplier database.

Third, AutomotiveOEM™, Inc.'s exercises proactive data verification practices. All our company and contact database records are internally time-stamped and re-confirmed for accuracy and relevance at regular intervals.

Q. Who can purchase the AutomotiveOEM™? (Back to top)

A. The AutomotiveOEM™ is not available to private individuals. Only organizations directly involved in the automotive original equipment industry are eligible to obtain access to the AutomotiveOEM™.

AutomotiveOEM™, Inc. and its designated sales agents, reserve the right to decline orders from organizations not primarily engaged in automotive original equipment industry related activities. Orders may also be declined by AutomotiveOEM™, Inc. for any reason at its sole discretion. Limited exceptions may apply on a strict case-by-case basis (i.e. for certain academic uses such as an official research project covering the automotive supply chain). As condition of sale all purchasers must agree to the applicable License Terms of Sale and Use.

Q. Are Vehicle Manufacturers (VMs) included in the AutomotiveOEM™? (Back to top)

A. Yes, in part! The AutomotiveOEM™ - North American Original Equipment Supplier Directory, as its full name implies, was created to cover the original equipment supply chain, which technically means just suppliers to the VMs, not the VMs themselves. In truth, a directory or database devoted to providing complete profile and contact information for any single VM (i.e. General Motors or Toyota), would be a whole separate enterprise unto itself, therefore we do not endeavor to provide comprehensive coverage of the VMs. However, during the course of our ongoing efforts to update and maintain the Tier supplier company profile data and contact information, we often come across valuable contact information for the North American VMs and do include that contact information when available as a courtesy and convenience to our AutomotiveOEM™ database and spreadsheet users.

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